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Poison Blue

from by Carriedbysix

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The feelings gone, these fingers touched their last and what's left here is useless.
These lips fail to move in any way that soothes and blood no longer fills your veins.
Your eyes cease to shine and in turn do mine but different blacks surround our souls.

I remember, before the world it crept inside your heart and left me useless.
The pain would fade in ways that I, I could never match, but I still wanted.

To make everything right before you fell away, before you're lost for good.
But hell has crept right in and stolen what was left, you're always out of reach.

And the scars will heal a patchwork, road from you constantly tearing open.
But i'll follow 'til my pillow, is dry of all the trait'rous tears that i once shed.

And i won't rest, until i take back, every kiss that I wasted on that hole in your head.
There's no-thing left, to make, amends, just a corpse of a woman i'd just best forget.

My reflection, bears no resemblance to the man, inside my heart
All the best parts were ripped away when you took my trust, for granted.

Each lie a full blown assault, on the pedestal, i set, you on, somewhere, near god,
An angel I thought but you've proved me wrong.
And the bricks they fall, but the truth stands tall, you've chipped, away, through my, last strength,
I'll walk away from this corpse that you thought i'd take.

You've no more more words, to help me forget.
Your touch as volatile as acid in shit.
Behind your fear, there's nothing clear
I've nothing left to search your junkie venear.

For any glimmer, of regret,
Awaiting penance but it just aint happened yet...
This should be better than that.

All remains a cross I hide below,
But it's burning a hole through me straight down to hell.
And all remains of the person I once loved,
Is a vial of poisoned brains.

All remains of the dreamer i once was...
Is lost forever, you fucked it away, the holes in your arms to deep for me to stay.
All remains are the shards of a useless love...
You used to sew a puppet of flesh, The strings from my hands become the rope around your neck.

There's poison in my heart, I can never clear my veins
Pour my blood out on the floor, this is what remains.
The poison in my heart, is all of you that stayed.
It's here, you're gone, you poisoned me the same.

My reflection could never match just what remains, andt i'm screaming.

I'll scream for blood, something to cover the taint left in these veins.
Understands love, as more than a pill caked hole on a human frame.
That holds your pain, when the burden you've created's too much for you to take.
I beared that weight, and now i slough your body of for these waves to take.


from Carried By Six, released February 8, 2014



all rights reserved


Carriedbysix Cleveland, Ohio

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